All Michigan people please read and sign!!!

That's insane.

Just for reference, 80dB is the equivalent to the telephone dial tone. 60dB is conversation and your lawn mower is in the 95 - 105dB range.

I was going to pick out the appropriate smilie, but we don't seem to have one that is shaking it's head in equal parts amazement and dismay.
Yeah, thanks for posting that. Please let everyone you know sign this too. This political BS must stop.

My location says MN, but I am from MI and will be back soon.
Signed. Where the Hell do these people come from anyway? And who votes for them?

I don't even have a muffler on my car at all. Just pipe....................... And how do you rev a car to "3/4 of its maximum horsepower?" without it being on a dyno?