All New!!!!! 1989 Greenlight 1/18 Tta


Jul 15, 2001
YEP....all the 1/18 gl turbo trans am's(all bronze and silver chromes) being made for minimuscle cars ARE CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now the only.. any color CHROME cars will be the 1 of 66 GOLD CHROME!! i figured this to happen;) hope everyone got one...i was selling my extras for $150 to 300 <--- a steal!!!!! minimuscle cars has their last gold car for $399 :eek: any one still need one email me and i can ask my buddy if he would sell his last :biggrin: around $300 cya ALEX
that is interesting news. This might be the only thing going up in value.. That is the gold tta of course.
DIRECT from minimuscle who sells the most GreenLight diecast....

Dear customer,

This Email is to inform you that Greenlight Collectibles factory
has decided to stop producing chrome and gold cars. There for the 1989
TTA’s that you have on pre-order will NOT be produced.
As a conciliation, WE have talked Greenlight into doing a one time
TTA chase car. This car will be a green machine; if you are familiar
with Greenlight you know that this type of car is a very limited
production car in a green color. This car will only be available to
the people who had a pre-ordered chrome car on order with us already
and will be limited to one car per customer. The production run will
be no more than 36 cars. The pricing is $89.99ea. If you are
interested in one please contact us by this Thursday the 12th.
Also, the production run of our white hard top TTA’s will be
lowered from 504 cars to only 360 cars – hope you have them already on
order as they will go fast.
We here at Mini Muscle Cars are very disappointed with this
decision and want to apologize for any inconvenience to you.

Thank you,

Jeff Jorden
Mini Muscle Cars

ORDER NOW so the whores around here don't try to buy them all up to only make a profit if you really want one.

i believe someone from this board got an extra and gave YOU a super PRICE:eek: why are you soo pissy? :mad:
sweet just got 5 better hurry up!!!.............j/k were can i find info on these there not on site?
yep dats me but im a pricey whore:eek:

but no seriously were is this info on cars? i would like to get one as well before they all gone:confused:
I think you had to have some pre orders in for the other cars they are not going to do anymore to get them. I would e-mail them and see if you can get one on pre-order. I don't think it will be as collectible as the gold one but anything low production at least will hold it's value going forward. :cool:
These Greenlight Green Machines Chase TTA's will be 1/64 scale & you can only order one IF you had already pre-ordered the chrome or bronze chrome TTA's that just got cancelled........(1 PER CUSTOMER TOO)....;)
Wow,1/18....... now that is good news....:) I believe that'll be the 1st ever Green Machine done in 1/18 scale!!!
I found out today that they have made 1/18 scale (and 1/24 scale)Green Machine's before this upcoming TTA version. I still think it'll be a very cool car.....not as sweet as the 24K Gold version of course, but awesomre still the same...:cool:
I got my refund for the chrome and BRONZE cars. That email has a typo philly... just so everyone isnt cofuzededed on which ones arent going to be reproduced.

Hey Alex, thanks for the good deals on the Gold cars in the past.

So does that mean that only 36 people pre ordered the chrome and bronze cars, i dont know how they came up with that number to produce the green chase car....
I passed on it and got my refund for the bronze car and chrome car.

BW :)
Yes..... Only 36 people had "existing" pre-orders on file for either the Regular Chrome or the Bronze Chrome TTA(s) when those programs got cancelled, so they are rewarding those 36 individuals by offering them one each of the 36 Green Machines to be produced instead...

The Darkside:cool:
GREEN idea!!!

i cant wait to see the green 1 of 36 tta:cool: quick6nkc......tried my best to make ya happy!!! as i do with all buick guys;)
Wow, only 36 had pre-ordered. I was one of them. They are refunding what I paid for: both T-Top and Hardtop TTA's in chrome and bronze minus the GM version coming to me :) These GM TTA's are going to be Hardtops.

Steve Z