All ONTARIO/ Surrounding TR Owners


May 24, 2001
There is an unofficial BUICK day on Oct 27 at Cayuga Dragway. Please keep this day open and try to attend. We would like to see a good turnout as it will be cold :D :D :D

Will post contact numbers or directions shortly

I am going to try and make it and I think my buddy will be there with his GN as well..

Hope I dont break anything.. 3.5 hr drive there... and home :eek:

Looking forward to it :)

P.S. - Andy.. sorry to hear about your turbo. Was it the TA 62 that went bad on you? :(
Buick Day at Cayuga

Is this thing on? Testing 1, 2, 3. Hopefully there will be further info posted soon. I am hoping to attend and meet some fellow Buick folks as I have recently moved to the Toronto area from Dallas, TX. Are there any Buick clubs in the area? If not, is there any interest in starting one? Please more info! I need some incentive to go out and wrench on my Buick and would like to get some passes in this year as I have not been to the track all year.
Hi Ken,

Go to and then go to the "Buick turbo owners in Toronto and surrounding areas section". It near the bottom of the forums page where all the car clubs are listed. You'll find more info on it over there than here....

Take care,
Hey Bubba I met you at Maple view mall a while ago. I heard you showed up at can tire on that Fri night but you were too early after 9pm is usually good. If you want to meet and bench race sometime just let me,radius orewok know and we can be there earlier.I am going to cauga on 27 oct but will not be racing.Talk to you later.Sat 13 night looks good.>>>>>Ron
My brother and I will be there.... so add 2 more turbo buicks to the list...

I should be there, and hopefully I'll bring some go fast goodies to sell. See you all there.
I heard yesterday J+P Day rained out on Sunday and may be moved to next Saturday :( Hope everyone is still going to attend although we probably will need to get there early. Event will probably start a 1 or 2pm.
Well if its gonna be a ford day i'm gonna pass..
i'll be at sparta instead...
my main reason would be limited test and tune time because of the event.
real long lines at staging areas
the price jumps up quite considerably on event days...
so i say lets make it at sparta of grand bend.
Dave, read my mind. I have my St Thomas schedule here and Oct 27th is a regular ol test and tune.. Prolly be real quiet... get in lots of runs.

I dont feel like driving 3 hours to get put aside for a pile of Mustangs. (nothing against Mustangs). Want to get in more than 2 passes... not to mention the long wait in the lanes etc..

I will more than likely be at St Thomas if it is JP day at Cayuga.
Hey guys...

I emailed with St Thomas and we are good to go there so long as the weather cooperates.