Alternator bearing problems


Jan 28, 2002
The alternator on the TTA started to make a squeaking noise so I took the belt loose and rotated the pulley by hand and the bearing was trashed. So I got a rebuilt alternator from Orielly's and put it on. After about 15 minutes of idling, it started to make the same sound as the other one. I took that one back and got my money back thinking that their rebuilt stuff was crap. I ordered an AC Delco alternator from a GN & TTA parts vendor and put it on. Same results. The alternator bearing started to squeak after about 15 minutes on the car. Rotating it by hand confirmed that the bearing was making noise.

I had replaced the belt in Nov. '06 and driven the car for ~4000 miles with no problems with the belt or alternator. I searched the TTA Belt FAQ when I bought the belt.

The I tried replacing the tensioner bracket (thought it was causing the alternator to be aligned wrong) with another, but it looks fine to me. I have the original one and also a new one and the spring tension is identical. There are no cracks in either one.

Could the wrong size belt be putting too much strain on the alternator bearing? Are there any spacers unique to the TTA that I am missing?

The bracket on the a/c compressor and the one that bolts to the exhaust manifold area both look fine.

Does someone have an exploded view of the alternator and brackets from a service manual? I would like to see all of the nuts and washers that it lists.
When on the car it looks like the alternator is not aligned like it should be.

Could someone take a picture of their alternator from the front and side so I can see what the alignment looks like?
The only belt that ever worked for me was the OEM one. And make sure you have the bracket that goes from the alternator to the header.

Dont have pixs.. thought this would help.

I have that bracket, but does anyone have another one I can buy? I need to compare to see if mine is bent or messed up.

Anyone have a new OEM belt lying around they want to sell me?