Aluminum drums needed.......


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May 28, 2001
I need a set of drums for my car ASAP!! I got my 275 BFG Drag's mounted on my extra set of GN rims, but the problem its rubbing alittle on the driver's side. I heard bad things on spacers, I only need about 1/8th extra clearence so I heard the aluminum drums around there.

Anyone got a set I could buy?
Hey Mick thanks for the offer if I needed it are you comming out on Friday night? If you are i'll let you know if I need it first.

You want to sell it to me? :D

And where can I get a set of these?
John, I went there on Tuesday. (ABC Towing, formerly PearlCity towing, and Aiea Towing, respectively.) :D

No Aluminum brake drums. :(

(1) Fold down (and stays down) license plate bracket if anyone needs one.

A couple of Type 2 coilpacks, although you'd have to check if it's the correct pin-out.

(1) Corsica if anyone needs parts. :D
Hey Geoff,

Does "ABC" Towing still allow you to pull your own parts and walk around and "browse" like Pearl City Towing used to?
I didn't even know that the yard changed hands. Used to go there quite a bit. Do those grouchy Koreans still run the place?:rolleyes: