Aluminum Performance Transmission Mount Adaptors


Jun 28, 2021

I felt like the existing aftermarket transmission mounts were overpriced and some purposefully omitted information.

I designed and ordered these to allow for use of a standard Poly TH350/TH400/700R4 trans mount.

They are anodized black and include threaded(M10x1.5) holes for the Poly mount. They are 3/8" 6061 Aluminum. I will update this thread once I confirm their quality. we just got a snowstorm up here in Canada so testing has been delayed

Well it fits in there pretty good.

I don't have a lift so it was a bit of a pain to install. but generally speaking I'm pleased with it.

I have some more, if anyone wants one they can DM me. Again; this lets you use generic TH350/TH400/700R4 trans mounts. and unlike the other ones out there this is Anodized 6061 aluminum. Not mild steel.

Drove the car last night.

Didn't notice any difference under normal driving conditions. I can feel a little more vibration when I'm beating the piss out of it though, which is fine.
Based on our measurements (Dylan and myself) it looks like this will work on the 4L80E swaps also (by reversing it front-back). This would make the swap a little easier.

I got one from Dylan and will be trying it this spring some time (piece looks extremely nice, just like his pics)

I will post back with results and pics. Both here and in the 4L80E sticky thread.