American Airlines "free ticket" scam.


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May 1, 2009
Has anyone else received one of these letters in the mail? We got one today. There is a code at the bottom of the sheet that has 2 letters followed by 5 numbers and that tells them who you are when you call. So me being the smartass that I am I called the number on the paper just to have a little fun. They spelled my name wrong on the sheet by the way.

Lady: thank you for calling the prize service distribution center. What is the code at the bottom of the page?

Me: I rattled off the number.

Lady: so you are Derrick Grounmountis <spelled wrong.

Me: nope my name is Stu Pidaso. (I spelled it first to make her say it to see if she caught on)

Lady: what is the code again and the zip code where you are at?

Me: gave the info.

Lady: so your name is Stu Pidaso and you live at the address on the envelope?

Me: yes. Do I still get the two free airline tickets?

Lady: Sir can you answer some questions for me first.

Me: yes and then answered some of the stupid questions.

Lady: can I get your credit card info for the taxes and the baggage fees?

Me: listen lady I am not really The Stu Pidaso you thought I was.

Lady: sir why are you wasting my time?

Me: ma'am you are really the Stu Pidaso for thinking I am going to fall for this scam.

Lady: Click.
Yes, this happened yesterday. I have a few names that I use when telemarketers call. I use names like Willie Fisterbottom and Peter Fitznugglie which is one of my favorites.