And the bad luck continues.....update

Bruce Urie

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Dec 30, 2006
Well, since this is the section where people can tell their odd stories, etc., I will continue with the "More bad luck" know, about the broken down well's the update as of today (Saturday)

The well guy was supposed to show up at 7:30 AM this was 10AM and no show....Shirley called him: "Uh, I'm just finishing up this other job so I'll be there in one hour." 12:30 he shows.....and shows Shirley a estimate bill of $804 just to replace the foot valve.....I was downstairs working on my job at the computer when I heard Shirley say over the intercom to "please come upstairs, I can't believe this!!!!!" Auggggg!! Now my wife's upset.

I went upstairs and about fainted with the $804....I said "No way, it's rediculous and because of your actions we've been without water since Wednesday...I thought you were an emergency on call company, and this is long enough, I'm not paying that much. You're going to have to give us a break or we'll just get someone else."

He said his assistant didn't come with him so if I'll help him with the job he'll knock it down to $400, to which I reluctantly agreed.

So we spent the next 3 1/2 hours working on that damn well getting the old foot valve off, new one on, and with ME supplying all the necessary, modified tools to do the job....he didn't have the right tools on the truck, telling me later "Wow, Bruce, I couldn't have done this without your help." I suggested then to knock it down to $300 then, to which he

Here I was holding on to this guy's belt and legs as he was hanging over this 12,500 foot deep well with his ASS right in my face and me holding practically his crotch, nuts and dick!!!! :eek::eek:My God, was I embarrassed and hope to hell the neighbors didn't see us as they would have thought this was a Gay Pride demonstration!!!:eek::redface:

Cut to the chase: After all this, I turned the pump on and........NO WATER!!!! It still didn't pump water out of the well.......G** D*** it!!!!!!!!

So, we're sitting in our basement next to the pump, throwing valves on and off, primming the pump three times, then listening to the pump run......NO WATER!:eek: Then, it dawned on me: I suggested: "It sounds like to me that the impeller in the pump has come off the shaft, thus the shaft turns, but the impeller is just stationary, thus not pumping water out of the well into the pressure tank." The guy's eyes light up and says: By golly, Bruce, THAT'S IT!!!! It's the pump!!!!!!!!! I said, well did you bring an extra pump? "NO." G** D*** it!!!!!!!! Two days before he said he'll bring a spare pump, "no charge!!!!" Wow...yippidie deeee!! What a deal!!!!!!!!!! And he forgets the pump.:mad:

So he told me he'll go get a pump and put it in for $1299!!!!!!! Or I can do it myself, but "Wait, Bruce, I'll call Lowe's right now and see if they have it in stock, because I feel really bad for you guys." Which he Lowe's out of four in this area has it......ONLY $189!! What a deal!!!!!!!!:eek: I said which he said, "No problem, now I have to get going as I've got to do some more work on my new 7800 square foot house that I'm amost finished with! You just go down to Lowe's, get that pump, put it in and you'll do a better job than I can, as you've very much impressed me with your mechanical expertise. Man, you're really smart!!!! Wish I were that smart!!!!!" Actual quotes. My eyes were actually crossed to keep from screaming!!!!!

So, tomorrow, the round trip to Lowe's from my place.....60 miles....but WAIT!!!!!!! Gas has dropped 1 cent a gallon this morning!!!!!!! Oh, wonderful!!!!! Now I'm REALLY saving money!!!!!! Perfect time to get the pump when gas is one penny cheaper a gallon....Holy Cats!!! How lucky can I possibly get?????

Meanwhile, it's raining cats and dogs, and I'm standing there, all my ladders, tools, modified tools, straps, etc. getting soaking wet! The guy is sitting in his brand new work truck, a/c on.......I give the guy two Coors beer as it was 100 degrees outside and said bye....Son of a Bitch!!!! The rain got my hair soaking wet, which the water dripped into my two hearing aids and there's sparks, flames, small explosions coming out of both ears, singing hair smell....Shirley came out and thought I'd been getting into the fireworks again.....:rolleyes:

So....I had to lug up four more 6 gallon containers for our "birdbaths, coffee, dishes, toilet dumps". My back actually got mad at me and left, went walking up the road to the cemetery where it can rest in peace.....I now look and act like Gumby...

Jeez, I hurt, I'm pissed, I feel like hell, and the fun..AGAIN...starts tomorrow.....

I just hope I cut the power off while I'm working on replacing the pump/wiring/pressure switches/pressure tank, etc.

If I forget to cut the power, and you know how water and electricity LOVE each wife, Shirley, will be writing the next post update for you tomorrow night as I'm scraped off the floor like a burnt hamburger cooked just 20 minutes too long....:rolleyes: She'll let you know when sevices will be held for "Mr. Unlucky Dweeb."

Take care, fellas, and count your blessings.......your life as of this post should really be sweet!:wink:

Bruce '87 Grand National

Bruce that is terrible luck. Sounds like the guy that came over had no idea what he was doing. I used to install well pumps and water treatment equipment back a few years in my early 20's and the systems aren't complicated at all. The jet-pump style you have is a little more complicated then a submersible pump, but still not bad. He should have been able to diagnose that. Have you thought about going to a submersible pump??? It would wire up to the same style switch as the pump you have now, and aslong as it stays in the water you never have to worry about the foot valve draining back (because there isn't one) and they generally fill the pressure tank up at a faster rate. You also never have to hear the pump running constantly because the pump is down in the well. Well I hope everything works out for you in the end. Goodluck. ~Dan
Sorry you had to go through all that in order to post a good story but I did get a chuckle out of it. Hopefully when all is said and done you can do the same. Good luck and report some good news tomorrow.
Here I was holding on to this guy's belt and legs as he was hanging over this 12,500 foot deep well with his ASS right in my face and me holding practically his crotch, nuts and dick!!!! :eek::eek:My God, was I embarrassed and hope to hell the neighbors didn't see us as they would have thought this was a Gay Pride demonstration!!!:eek::redface:
Bruce '87 Grand National

And this is when you should have done your final negotiations!

When I was shopping for a house I always remembered the headaches my parents had when I was growing up with their well and septic system. City water and sewer was the only way I was going.

Hope you get things flowing again soon!

I'd offer to help, I mean, you sound like you could use some FREE assistance,
Then I thought about it, that would be TWO cooked/ electrocuted old farts laying on the floor,
that your wife would have to clean up after.
so....... in all respect for your wife, I will save her from the task, and I'll supervise from afar,
of course I can tell you what you should have done, or what would be a better way to do it,
as I'm over qualified to be a back seat driver/ monday morning quarter back/ know it all.

if you need more advice, don't hesitate to inquire, as I'm full of .............................advice.

your sincerely welcome.