And the verdict is...value-less?


Mr. BuzzCut
Aug 3, 2011
Cars for Sale: 1986 Buick Regal Limited Coupe in Sycamore, IL 60178: Coupe Details - 294999238 -

Red '86 regal with a 454 dropped in it, dealer wants 6999 but with what (I think) I know about these cars is, without the turbo 6 motor, the value has really been stripped from the car. Couple that with a cage and shoddy interior, I have to wonder if this cat would spring for way cheaper. My main variable: i do not know what the dealer paid for this car, so i don't know what kind of loss this fellow is prepared to take. Requesting insight into what a used car salesman is prepared to accept as far as losses, and any tips/techniques to follow when going to such a vendor, "alone and unafraid", are welcome.

Thanks TB, you've been too good to me these past few days since joining.
That car was never a turbo car to begin with. 8th digit of the VIN is a "y" which was a v8 car. Not to mention the turbo 6 was never offered in a limited in 86 and the turbo version would not have woodgrain everywhere ( I don't think). Biggest question? What rear axle is in it? Stock 7.5 is a time bomb with any traction. With a rollbar it has probably seen the traction. Look at bottoms of doors and rear undercarriage for rust issues. Air cleaner is too small for that engine's needs...

If you like the car as is for a cool driver, and the paint is good enough for you, etc. then buy it I guess. It's not WORTHLESS, but not worth $7k to me. It's not worth anything in the turbo buick market, it's just a red regal with a grand national badge. A rust free car with well done paint is worth something, IF that's what it is. I get the feeling it's not that well done up close. And if any standard car dealership traded for that they have nowhere near 7k in it. You take a BIG hit trading something like that in, they are unsure what it's worth and they will err well in their favor regardless of what they show on paper.
Thanks for the quick response. So would it be too abby-normal to low ball with an offer of $2k off the bat? First time buyer, just want to get a feel for what percent/how much power the buyer brings to the table when he or she goes to a dealership.

(DISCLAIMER:I realize some viewers of this thread may be car dealers themselves. I hope this thread serves its purpose as objective information about the best way deal with car sellers and specifically standard dealerships. I intend no malice toward your respective business...that being said, if you are a dealer, any pro-tips on getting a deal on a used car?)
2k is probably too low. They get low balled all the time, but you CAN insult them and/or piss them off. Saw it yesterday in fact. We have a beater s10 4wd with $1000 written across the windshield. 2 kids came in and drove it, came back and offered $100 for it. Salesman said "gimme the keys" and then walked away from them like they didn't exist. Why would you offer less than what the salvage yard would pay for it? Salvage yards don't come back later and bitch about everything that's wrong with their sub-$500 purchase, we'd MUCH rather scrap the thing for that kinda money. Sure we'd like to see the poor man catch a break, but the poor man is usually poor because he is stupid, and they've proved us right on that far too many times to ever change our opinion on it. Holy crap I am off topic now!

Anyway, if I wanted it I'd offer $3500 or so for it. There is a way to lowball without sounding like an *******. When they ask what you think of it, say it's just not what you thought it was, and/or you don't want to make an offer because you don't want to insult them, etc. They will virtually ALWAYS ask you to make an offer anyway, and they'll see it coming. Try to snag it under or around $5k if it is nicely done. If it's not nicely done just leave and don't bother with it. It's probably a bigger headache than it's worth.