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Mar 5, 2015

My wife and I are selling our absolutely mint condition 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T...one of just 4268 Turbo Ts built. This car is absolutely wonderful condition and runs and drives great and has just 59,162 ORIGINAL MILES on it. It is a two owner car and has a spotless Carfax with absolutely no history or wrecks or accidents. Its optioned very well with power windows and locks, a rare astroroof, W02 blackout trim package and dealer installed Grand National spoiler.

Paint and Body
The Dark Blue Metallic paint (code WA8592) on the car looks great and shines like new....I would rate it easily a 9.9 out of 10. The car has been garaged its whole life and it shows. It has had one very high quality repaint in the early 90s and it still looks great (it was repainted under warranty like many Regals were do to issues with the factory paint). Recently, I had new bumper fillers, Grand National bumpers painted body color, all new emblems, and all new weather stripping installed. The windows are tinted (fresh tint less than 3 months old) and the glass is all clear and in great shape. The car has 16in GNX style lace wheels and brand new BFGoodrich G Force tires on it, but I also have the original Turbo Wheels to go with it. The car looks great and would be at home at any show or cruise in you carry it to!

The gray cloth interior is in absolutely amazing shape as well...its a 9.9 out of 10 too. The seats, carpet and door panels are in great condition..and it has a new headliner in it. The power windows function properly as does the AC. The factory stereo was replaced with a very nice Pioneer head unit and speakers. The AC worked great until recently when apparently a bearing inside the compressor went bad...so it will need a new AC compressor.


The 3.8L Turbo V6 engine (all numbers matching of course) cranks and runs perfectly. The stock 200R4 automatic transmission shifts great. It has recently received a full service including Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil. It has no leaks. The car is mildly modded...it has an upgraded TE-34 turbo, 3in ATR Single Shot exhaust, 3in ATR Downpipe, Walbro Fuel pump with a hotwire kit, Cold Air Intake, and a Turbo Tweeks chip to support the mods. The car is set up very conservatively to run 16-18lbs of boost to be safe with the stock injectors...upgrade the injectors and there is a ton of power left to be had. But I never raced the car and was very happy with what was there. The car is very fast, drives great and can be driven anywhere without worry!

This car is a true collectors car and has been treated like one its whole life. Its been stored properly and maintained in a way to keep in like new condition. These cars are hard to find and are only going up in value. There are no disappointments with this car...it is beautiful!

$18495 CASH OBO
Call or Text me at 229-894-0165 if interested.
I am located in Athens, AL (just outside of Huntsville.)
I do have a clean, clear title in hand for the car.

We are open to trades but BE REALISTIC....I could list things we are interested in but I dont know what you have. It has to be something as cool and nice as this car. I am not interested in boats, race cars, campers or motorcycles.
I can trade up or down with cash going either way!


















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That is a nice looking exterior color.. Darn wish I could afford one from your herd.

What are you selling out? seen you sell the Corvette on the Corvette forum. then the SS, you must have a few storage buildings full of goodies.

Just a very nice clean looking T

Good luck!
Did you use to have a different screen name? The way you write your adds and the back ground for your car pictures looks really familiar . Just curious??
Did you use to have a different screen name? The way you write your adds and the back ground for your car pictures looks really familiar . Just curious??

Yeah I am 97ramsst...I changed my screen name because I want to have the same name on all the boards.
Nice car with tasteful mods. GLWS.
Omg!!! I wish my loans were paid off !! I love that color with blackout trim . Glws :)
Wow. I imagine thats what it looked like when it was for sale at the showroom (without the pretty GNX wheels). That thing is awesome and what i would be buying if i had the cash. Beautiful

Beautiful, GLWS! Now that is the proper way to post a car for sale ! Everyone take notes
Hey Robbie first off Gorgeous car!!!! this one will go fast I'm sure of it.....

I got your message about my WH1 car and would be willing to sale it for that that Black Impala. I'm going to post it up for sale in a day or two.


Thanks Ken...I have had a ton of interest in the T it should move pretty quick.

I will hold the Impala for you till you can move that WH1. I can bring it to the Rod Run in Pigeon Forge if you want...I am picking up the Z06 then!
LOTB, this is one beautiful car. I was looking at picking up a WE4, if you would have posted this a month earlier I would of taken the drive South to look at it. After consideration though the wife convinced me to "focus" on finishing restoration of my Grey T prior to purchasing another one. I do really love the look of this car, you should have no problem moving this bad boy quickly at the price your asking....BT
NICE car! :smuggrin:
Just sent my bud's 96 Limited edition Vette back to his garage [It's a 5K mile original, that's for sale] Last of the C4's w/ the LT4 engine.....
I swept the floor, & made sure the Glock is loaded. GOTTA have secure parking...:smug:

Picking it up on Sunday, and trailering home. It's a 1 day rd trip, but will be late getting back...I'll even miss my afternoon power nap!:(:D
Got'r done.
Both ways in a major rain storm, tho:( 640 mi.
Car is every bit as advertized....:smuggrin: