angled iac, oem elec fan, oem intercooler fan, oem ic shroud, nos gn caps


May 15, 2005
angled iac like new-------$75
oem electric fan, good condition a lil dusty------$30
oem intercooler fan, good condition also a lil dirty----$25
oem ic shroud, good condition, 1 "rivet" seperated-----$55
2 unopened nos gn center caps-------$55

all plus shipping

Hey Malibuick, I think that isn't the right one. The Angle IAC is priced on GBodyParts for $89.95. I'd hate you to miss this good deal. Good luck!
Im going to pass on the iac adapter I can buy a new one at G Body for $59.99

hello peoples; I believe the $60.00 adapter is a new product. It's an adapter. So you use what you have and this goes under it to angle it. I think that's it.
iac adapter

to clarify, this IS the adapter that sells for $59.95 on gbody parts,
i was unaware that it was priced as such and for that i apologize.
however this "kit" comes with the adapter, 2 gaskets and screws that are pictured on there site as well as the stock iac housing and an almost new iac as well as some spiffy hex bolts that replace the cheesy lookin stock screws.

again, i wasnt trying to get over on someone at all, but remember this, the site says $59.95 but then you have to factor in the shipping as well.

anyways ill adjust the price on this......$70 SHIPPED