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Just wanted to pass on the good news, one of my customers who has looked to run 8's for a few years now, finally made his 1st 8 second pass yesterday... Jerry Lowell, (Razorback Racing) called me about 6pm..... I was actually finishing up a phone call when my cell rang. A few weeks ago I took off the 88 turbo he put on 2 years ago because he just couldn't stage the car and he was absolutely uncomfortable running it. No doubt it will make big power, but he's a bracket racer and running 8.50's just was not neccessary. I put his ole GT42, (74mm) comp wheel back on, installed a MSD DIS4, did some tweaking and sent him to the track, he responded with about six 9.0's in a row. He came in wed for a check up with the doctor.... I checked out his logs, did a little tweaking.... told him, don't touch anything and go have fun..... 1st pass off the trailer was an 8.88 with a 6.......

What makes it really significant is Jerry is older, he's been wanting to run 8's for 3 years now, he's been sick the last few years and really hasn't been up for racing... we were knocking on the 8 second door 2 years ago when time ran out at the end of the season... to finally get out there this year and get the 8 second pass makes us so happy for Jerry I could cry.... it's been a long tough road for Jerry, I couldn't be prouder of him and what he has accomplished, Many thanks go out to Bobby at RPE for building a motor that has been through about every "opps" you could imagine and to Tom at Champion heads for a great set of GN1R's... Also to Jerry's friends that have supported him at the track and off, can't forget Jerry's grandson Andrew who also helps Jerry greatly when he can. ATI convertors supplied an awsome convertor which we also set up for Jerry's car similar to mine, Marco for setting up the suspension along with my son Brian... for twisting wrenches. Last but not least we upgraded Jerry 2 weeks ago with one of our new Intercoolers...... a Big Congrats go out to Jerry!!!
congrats goes out to you and him :biggrin: that much work and waiting makes it even sweeter......