Another ATR Crossover leak Help .


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May 25, 2001
What is the trick to sealing these up (sealer)? How do you turn it into a 2 piece design ? thanks.
ATR stainless? Where is your leak exactly? My X-over to headers I employ doubled round gaskets. For the two piece slip joint with a band clamp I had it welded. No leaks!
It's a one piece ATR crossover . I ended up putting my stocker back on . I got tired the 3rd time in and out with the ATR crossover .The stocker went in with no leaks the first time :) .
The atr x-over is a pita, the flanged ends are slightly ovaled making it a pain to get it to seal.

I had to crank mine way tight. Then cross my fingers.
Intercooler: what type of "round" exhaust gaskets are you speaking of? Do you know what the OEM application was so the guys at Autozone don't look at me crosseyed when I ask!?

I have a set of welded/ported stock headers and an ATR crossove waiting to go on my WE4, but can tell I'm going to have sealing probs. Figured I was just going to have the driver's side header and crossover welded together like a buddy of mine had to do and was kind of dreading that!

I just got off of the phone with ATR . They are sending me out a set off seals for the one piece crossover . Are these seals the hot ticket to make this thing STOP leaking ? They said to use 2 seals per side . Any info on these seals ? thanks.
I would only use one per side. Be careful not to overtighten otherwise you'll split the seal/gasket and you'll be back to square one again. Do your best to check the roundness of the "ball" joints before you connect the crossover back to the headers. Obviously, the better the fit to begin with, the more likely it'll seal properly. Good luck.
Poston's carries a 2.5in two piece Xover pipe that is ceramic coated and is a breeze to install. No seals or gaskets needed. it is the same price as the ATR
The standard ATR crossover joints use *two* gaskets? I only installed one on each and they both leak.

Crap, now I need to buy more. Any place to get them locally?
I have an ATR one piece crossover. I got it about 2 years ago, and IT LEAKS. I tried using it back then without a header gasket and I could not get it to seal. I even tried that copper high-temp sealer stuff with no luck, so I ended up just putting my stock crossover back on.

Now I'm trying it again. I've put Felpro 1400 exhaust gaskets on. I'm hoping that this will give me a little more room/play/adjustment to make the crossover fit without leaks.

When I first tightened it all down, I went too far and broke the weld on the passenger side header where the crossover bolts on. DOH!! I had it re-welded (so much for the nice JetHot coating!).

I didn't know that ATR has gaskets for them. Why, when the stockers don't use them? And how come you need two per side? Regardless, I'll give them a call and see what they say.

I have a call into ATR also. I'll be curious what they say. I want them to stop leaking at the crossover joints.
I just got off the phone with ATR. I'm my best female South Carolina voice.....

"We *recommend* two gaskets per joint".

I ordered some, but I'm going shopping for some thick bulk material and plan on making some of my own.
I stopped by the local muffler shop to look at their selection of seals and gaskets. They handled me a set of unobtainium-polypeptide-neutron-bombarded composite rings (with the look of real wood) to try.

I'll let you know how they work out tomorrow. They look pretty intense. Composite material outside with a metal ring inside.