Another Converter Question

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Where is my $$$ going?
I was told by a local transmission builder that between a 12 inch converter modified to stall at 2800 and a 10 inch 2800 stall that the 10 inch would be better. His reasoning is that even though the 10 inch will require supplemental cooling it has less rotating mass. Therefore it requires less energy to get it rotating, and it will not wear the front of the tranny out as fast due to less weight and less vibration. This all sounds good , but what do you folks think? Thanks - BB
I guess you havent addressed the lockup issue in your question.

Less mass is good thats why a lot of 9 inch converters are sold.

But I like lockup personally.Which means no small converter for me.
Sorry- My Bad

The smaller converter is a lock-up which I believe has a smaller clutch than a 12" converter - I don't plan on WOT lock up anyway. But the rotating mass thing has got me wondering if smaller is better, with the exception of a smaller clutch. - BB
Always a tradeoff somewhere.I like locking mine up...some do and some dont.Its easy performance at the flick of a switch.

I wouldnt lock a small clutch unit though while racing.

Look into the 9/11 convertor PTS sells.

BTW,your in Brandon.Why dont you come out to the track sometime.Next teusday is slick tire nite and if you have some drag'll get to run probably 10 times.

Bardenton Motorsports Park exit 42 off of I75 then east 9 miles.

Razor hit it.... Thats why the 9X11 is a great piece. Also, yes 10" has less rotating mass however the lock up disc in the 12 is prolly stronger... Always a trade unless you buy a 9X11.