Another flooor pan ?


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Greetings all

I have been patching my floorboards until, the $$$$ is available to replace the floor pans.

The question is does the floor pan(s) run under the seat brace frame? If so how do you get them out? Do you have to remove the seat brace /frame. Then put the pan in and them reweld in the seat brace /frame in place? Does this have to be done from under the car?

Sorry if these questions are stupid.

One great thing is I got to try out my new auto darkening welding helmet. It is cool now I can see what I am doing better. Didn’t improve my welding, But I can see where to start now.
The seat brace runs above the floor pan,and can be separated by drilling out the spot welds from above.Same goes for the "boxes"where the seat studs are attached to.Depends on how deep your digging into this,if your gonna replace the whole pan,I would measure,take pics with measurements and remove the braces and reattach when the pan is secure.
Most guys split the pan in half to make it easier the maneuver it from inside the car from the top.One messy PITA part of it is wire wheeling away the seam sealer from the seams.Would advise removing as much of the interior plastic/trim as you can this crap flies everywhere!!