Another great Lou Czarnota motor.

Mike are you in El Segundo like it says in your alternator post, or in HB? If you're in ES I'd like to come by and check out your car. I work in Bel Air so I'm pretty nearby. BTW we spoke on the phone from Lou's shop a while back, you two sold me on a set of the Morel lifters :cool:

Five years of floggings at 500+ RWHP and still running strong.:) I feel guilty that Lou hasn't seen my car in years, but he did too good of a job. I only wish that my Mercedes E350 was half this dependable.:eek::D

Thanks again Lou.

Mike Barnard
Can't believe that it's been a decade since Lou built my engine. It now has thousands of passes and pulls with over 500 HP to the wheels. Last year, I was payed big bucks by a major Hollywood company to do at least thirty hot laps in one day. They had heard of my car and wanted it for sound recordings. It was the chance of a lifetime and I said "Yes". I can't give you all the details, (signed contract ya know) but I will say that I went thru 2/3 of a can of M1 on that day and a set of M/T DRs. :cool: Here's the link. Click on "Buick Grand National 87".

Lou has been bugging me for years to freshen this thing up. There is still no oil off my breather. Oil psi is still about 18 when hot. A few months ago, I had Lou leak it down. All numbers were still below 5 1/2%. The only reason Lou could come up with as to why I need to freshen this thing up is that "I would have more fun if it were a stroker". :LOL:

I guess I can't argue with that...
More details.

Since the first month Lou built this Mutton motor, the heads, intake, or oil pan has never been off this thing.
The intake was off the first month a few times, as this was the test mule for the all new (at the time) Morrel hyd roller lifters.
Lou was also instrumental in helping me get that project off the ground. All the mock ups and measurements were done at his shop.
I am also happy to say that Morrel Hyd roller lifter set #1 is still purring away happily in this engine. :)