Another happy Alky user!


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Dec 2, 2003
Last week I installed the DIY alky kit on my 2.3 turbo on Steve Monroe’s web page and information I obtained from this forum. Absolutely incredible!! Prior to alky installation, I was limited to 20 psi and five degrees of advance. If I added one gallon of tolulene per full tank of gas, I could bump the boost up to 22 psi or so.

I am now running 26psi and 10 degrees of advance with no detonation! Of course, those are just numbers, but a before / after ride in the car really tells the story. It’s a HUGE difference in power. From a low rpm roll in 2nd, the tires break loose when the boost kicks in every time! Other than the big turbo and fuel system to support it, no other mod I have done even compares to the power increase with alky injection. And it only cost me about $120.

I am currently running a 50/50 denatured / water mix and I have the alky turned on at 17.5 psi by the factory overboost buzzer switch. I’m running an M10 jet. I have the pump maxed out (130 psi), and there is no hint of bog, so I am going to try a larger jet. I added a green spray-on LED in the dash connected to the power to the pump motor, and I can see the pump cycling when the alky kicks in. I have a red LED wired to the reservoir, and I have ordered the GM low-level switch to be installed this week. I only have a ½ gallon reservoir, so I am looking for a larger one.

I will continue tuning and adding upgrades to my kit, but just with what I have now, I have achieved a huge increase in performance that I can enjoy every day. This is a great forum, and I only wish I would have done this sooner!
I see that you are from Dallas.

Where are you buying your denatured alky from, and how much are you paying?

I have the SMC kit, but I will not be putting it on the car until my built motor is broken in.
Glad to hear that this simple, inexpensive, upgrade.......the Steve Monroe DIY recipe, made such an improvement in your car's performance and impressed you so much. My feelings, exactly! ;)
Originally posted by Adler
Where are you buying your denatured alky from, and how much are you paying?

Home Depot, I think it was $10.99. Have not shopped around.
If you're diluting the denatured by 50% with water, why not just use 70% isopropyl for about $3.25 a gallon?

Might be a dumb question, but why are you diluting the dA? Are you guys melting pistons? :confused:
just use methanol, approx $2.50/gal, i was running approx 30 lbs w/no knock w/Razor's kit
Our local track sells VP racing methanol for 2.50 a gallon. And a local race car shop that sells race gas, sells it for 2.75 a gallon.

BTW..yes on the 30 PSI.. :eek: no lie.. zero KR and O2's in the 720's

Wonder why yo had a little extra oil on the covers.. :D

Professional driver under closed track not attempt this at home. :D

Anyone make a 40 PSI boost guage ;)