Another HotAir Best Time


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Jan 27, 2003
Went to the nearest 1/8th mile track friday night and set a new personal best, 7.86 @ 86.2mph with a 1.745 60ft time. Only 009's and around 20psi from a ta33, no alcohol. Car should go a little faster with a better launch, a little more boost, and a little more fuel. Might be time for some alcohol!

hey that's a good time, nice job. That is a low 12 in the quarter if i'm not mistaken isn't it?
My combo is mostly everything from the saucy recipe by Dave Cooley on the page. I also have ported and worked my intake, built my own 3in downpipe, bigger TB, converted to an 86ecm and maf, and a race chip from Eric at TurboTweak.

I had run as fast as an 8.08 @ 81mph with the stock turbo and a 2.5in downpipe.