Another item for your Bucket List - Cal Hartline Dyno Tune Session


Feb 26, 2002
I had a dyno tune session with Cal this Saturday in Ct. at dyno shop - Unlimited Induction I believe was the name of the place. At any rate, just wanted to say thanks again to Cal for the time he spent with me and my car to work on fine tuning and chasing down a few gremlins that showed their head while at the dyno. I had fouled plugs at first, followed then by a bad coils, and then ultimately a quirk with my fuel pump losing pressure. It was really impressive was that Cal's help didn't stop at simply saying you have a problem, he jumped right in and got his hands dirty and started turning wrench's to help us out. Cal picked up on a fuel pump issue in seconds that if I had been at the track trying to dial the car in, I would have most likely caused some serious damage.

If you have the slightest inclination that you would want to get Cal to dyno tune your car with your FAST I would absolutely encourage it, in fact I hope to get a few folks together in the spring to do it again, once I get my fuel pump issue figured out.

I am a guy who likes to figure things out on my own and do my own tuning, but lately spare time has been somewhat of a rarity and getting the track seems impossible. This dyno session easily trimmed months off of me tuning and chasing down those issues we found in minutes. Having spent more money on my engine than I care to add up, paying for Cal's time was money extremely well spent not only for his knowledge base and his willingness to share it, but for the extra insurance/piece of mind that one of the best tuners out there is in your corner helping you protect the investment you have made on your car. The cost is really a drop in the bucket, at least for me I know for fact Cal saved me thousands of dollars, because I would have nuked the motor due to the fuel pump issue, that I am sure I wouldn't have noticed until after a 1/4 pass, which by then the damage would have been done.

Thanks again to Cal - I hope to catch up with you in the spring to finish the tuning and reach that 600 hp mark.

I'd like to add a few words about Cal. I'm sold. I brought my xfi unit with me, he updated it, wrote a start up program, and took the time to cover a lot of info. If anyone is thinking of buying an xfi unit, or turbo, there is only one company I would use, Hartline performance. Thanks again Cal!!
Thanks Nate and Phil! You guys were great to deal with. Although we had a few glitches along the way, you guys were willing to do what it took to get things right. Nate almost hit 600rwhp before the fuel issue started fighting us. I now feel my initial estimate was too conservative. I am betting closer to 650 if we start pushing things. Phil: please give me a call when you're ready. we have a couple things to do before you start the car. Thanks for everything.
I was Banned from this site for suggjesting Aftermarket ECM's -vs- Stock units to anyone making 600+ last month, So won't go there again. After all my issue's, i switched over to an XFI an never looked back. A call to Cal an it gets programed all ready to go. I've never had any tune issue's after that!!