Another option besides RJC boost controller?


Feb 22, 2016
I have an RJC boost controller but I would like something to where I can just twist right or left (a dial) to adjust boost. Anything that is reasonably priced out there that installs identical to the RJC piece? Anyone have something they would trade for my RJC piece?
Lorenz Racing has a really cool one. Has a mount bracket and everything. Thought about it myself! I too have an RJC.
I'm guessing you don't have an external wg, but an adjustable actuator. If so, you're going to be limited as far as choices.
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Grimm speed or the hallaman with in cabin control is nice. I'm running the grimm speed controller now and it clicks for 1/4 psi increase in boost psi. Really accurate mbc.
Just bought the Lorenz racing here also with bracket ,nice piece but didn't install it yet
I have the RJC boost controller but nothing wrong with it but I would like something that clicks left to lower the boost and right click to up the boost . Thanks Keith
I have had both manual controllers and electric truthfully the ebay $20 controller worked just as good any of the manual ones . but I love my AMS 500 V2 with CO2 to control the gate pressure .
I have a hallman with cabin mount controller that I'm planning to put on the for sale page one I get few other parts ready to sell, incase you are interested
I prefer the spring style vs the bleeder style. The hallman is nice but I prefer the scale and clicking on the grimmspeed piece. Makes it easier to keep up with how much boost I want to run.
I'd be leery of doing what you want to do. When I want to run less boost I use my throttle pedal to lower it. i just don't push it as far :)

By screwing with the boost from the drivers seat you run the risk of never having your car in a good state of tune. If you tune it to a certain boost then start playing with the knob you're just about guaranteed to never be right. Your fueling and ignition will stay the same but the boost could be wherever you feel like putting the knob that day.

And heaven forbid someone turn that knob without you knowing it... POP!
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