Another Powermaster Question/Issue


Had recently diagnosed problem to be PM unit and purch used from another member. Bled out the whole system and the brakes worked great. Noticed my acc ball (original all black one) was occasionally leaking down at night and overflowing the pass side of the reservoir, so I started dropping the level to prevent this.

Driving the other nite and brake lite came on, turned around to go home and very nimbly applied brakes to limp her home. They failed as I was backing her in the garage (no accidents!!). No leaks but a blown fuse. For the heck of it tried a new fuse. Turned key to start pos, and motor came on till accum filled itself back up. Started up and no brake lite.

Knowing that the accum ball needs replacing, still cant help but think there is more to it than that. Does a blown fuse indicate the motor is getting weak and pulling more than 30 A-hence the blown fuse?

It's a likely possibility.
How long does the acc take to pump up and make the motor stop?
How long does it take for the motor to self cycle if left alone and the key on?
I should have read my PM diagnostic info a little closer. My symptoms are not of an accum leakdown, it's from an internal booster leak. Looks like another pm unit.

FYI 7-10 sec for motor to pump up and with key in on position, motor came on within another 10 sec and then again before I turned key off.
Probably a good time to think about a vacuum or hydroboost conversion. I'm not knocking the PM system, but it's an awfully expensive fix without much return on the investment especially when you consider reliability of used/reman replacement units. People have good luck with PM systems when they are meticulously maintained.