Another priming question.


New motor... well rod and main bearings, timing chain, heads, and all seals... I also purchased a front cover with oil pump that had the earl brown treatment. The motor was finally all put together tonight. Now that the motor is running with a valve cover off for 5 seconds there is alot of noise in the valve train and very little oil. They are all stock as well.

Before installing the cam sensor I put a drill in and ran it until I felt resistance. The pump was packed with vasoline. Can someone help a girl out? I just wanna drive this thing

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Prime it again with valve covers off. You should see some oil drip out of each rocker arm where pushrod meets. Does it have oil pressure once started?
What direction did you spin the drill?

and did you replace the cam bearings, and/or the oil galley plugs behind the top timing gear?
I was going clockwise. I rotated until the was resistance and stopped. The can bearings are not replaced. The freeze plus were all replaced.

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I just bought a priming tool... I can only get oil to the top out of 3 push rods?? I haven't turned the engine over at all just tried to prime like it sits. Did that for 5 minutes

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Put the priming tool back in, then take the turbo feed line off and take a piece of rubber hose and put it on the end of it. then take a water bottle that's empty and put the rubber hose in it, make sure the water is dried up inside, because you have to put that back in the motor. Then prime the motor un till the water bottle is half full, then it will primed, and your good to go.. hope that helps you out.
Just did that exact thing. Having done that I am still not getting oil out of the pushrod. Is this normal

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