Another Rental @ Atco


A$$ deep
May 23, 2001
The date is Friday Sept 14. 9-5 Race gas there in the am.The cost is 125$.the are 12 spots & 7 are left.E mail me or call 203.496.3172. Thanks Jim
Hey Jim....I will be in school on the 15th, but I think after school if I get some time I will stop by and hang out for a little! I will let you know when the event gets closer!

FYI- Even if you dont race...COME AND HANG OUT!
The date may change due to the lack of Intelligent people
:rolleyes: They booked the date & they called to tell john that they made a mistake:mad: So know i think it will be the 1st or 2nd fri in oct. JOY.Hopefully some guys on the board will go...Jim
If it's the second Friday in October I can go. Looking forward to a four day weekend ;)
Joe dosen't matter...stupid people are a modern day thing for me to come upon! :) Just let me know the date....and I will probably be there!
Well the date is thursday OCT 11.9-5.If anyone wants to go & race it's 125$.
If you wanna go & hang out it's free.....BYOF........Jim
Is it unlimited race entry, or are there only x amount of racers allowed? I don't know if my car will be together by then, but if it is...i'll bless the track with some rubber for the day:D
There are 4 spots left.The way it's going it doesn't look like there "selling like hotcakes". So ya got a little time.Hopefully we will have it filled by sept...Jim
Yes & bring lots of it....Cause I'm eating ALL yours supermarket boy:D And dont forget the drinks...Lots of them...........Jim
Haha...he called him supermarket Boy...oh god!

I should be able to come down late day..I will bring a few drinks with me to make up for the hot-dogs I ate last time.

Rob....this time are you and "Mr. Buff" (thats what Jim calls him) Gonna race instead of going on Jackson road and flying back and forth?

I think rob & MR BUFF are going to get a ticket for speeding on that road:p . I think there going to call out TTA889 J/K. Now if rob gets his car together(YEA RITE) That will be a show in it self. ;) Hope he has gas.........Jim
Mr. Buff will have to worry about his own car this time. I will have mine down there running mid 9's hopefully. This Thurs I should be bringing it back to life, hope all go's well.

the last 4 spots are open.Does "ANYONE" on this board Race?.You got the run of the track ALL day.You can race naked if you want(Well njrob does):p Come on guys..............Jim
Can I come?

I'm interested.....

My friend is also interested. He has a '99 Firehawk. What is your email addy? I'd like to just get some details. TIA

I might come hang out too. I'm poor so i can't afford that much to race!!:D FrankG
Cool, come down & hang out. We should have PLENTY of food.(Right rob)
For me A rental is really the only way to go.If i wanted to go on a weeknite i gotta leave @ 230 to get there by 630 or 700.The weekend is bad also,2 time shots then It's kinda rushing around to get it rite then load up & go home. Atleast with the rental it's laid back & have some fun with no presure.Thats what i like......Jim
Frank, you can hang out with me while they are having fun speeding down the track!

Lets not forget to do what I did last time...when I was leaving I did a HUGE HUGE Burnout, and then kept on going leaving Jim there...Its fun to watch him get yelled at!

BTW...that mark is still there...i was at the track last friday and admired my single stripe!