Another satisfied power plate user!


Powered by Murphy's Law
I finally got the Buick on the road today with the new Ford IC and the RJC power plate.
Wow, what a difference!
I gained at least 5psi boost from the old stock setup, and the car has never idled so smooth.
Kudos to Jason for designing such an excellent product!!!
My car used to shake and fart at idle, but now it's really smooth.
It is chilly here today, probably less than 25 deg F, and the car shot up to 22psi on the pump/alky mixture.
Only heard a very slight rattle, so I was very impressed, considering it's not tuned at all yet.
One very happy camper..............:D
Don't you hate it when you are out on a date and the car farts! :D Glad to hear the PP works well, and the 300 hours of cutting and fitting paid off with the F#$% intercooler!
Noticed you have more ceramic coated parts than any other GN I know of...and I mean this as a compliment.

What is your goal in coating all these items?

Has it helped noticeably? What are advantages?

Has does it all look? Any pics? Any problems?

Were the coatings expensive? Who would you recommend?

How long do the coatings last? Do they "break down" over time?

Thanks for the time & effort in explaining/answering.

You are appreciated. :)