87 Buick Grand National - 49K Original Miles - Atlanta, GA - $22,000 OBO


This is a beautiful car but I just don't get it out much anymore and it needs a new home. I have a ton of paperwork, receipts, and documentation, down to the original window sticker, tire warranty, owner's manual, etc. If it came with the car new, I have it. I also have clear title in hand to make it easy for the new owner. It's always been garage kept and covered since I've owned it and I know the previous owner did as well. It comes with a Wolf Noah custom fit car cover which can run upwards of $250 by itself.

This car is mostly stock in regards to any serious engine work or modifications that are permanent in nature. Anything that has been done to the car could be undone if you wanted to take it back to bone stock. I have a lot of the original stock parts as well, which go with the car such as the intercooler, washer reservoir, MAF sensor, up pipe, catalytic converter, etc.

The engine internals are all stock. Stock turbo, stock converter and transmission,, 36# injectors, TT Extreme G Alky Chip, Hotwire, Red Armstrong fuel pump, Adjustable fuel pressure regulator, CAS V4 23 row stock location intercooler, G-Body parts 3" stainless DP w/electric dump(ashtray mounted rocker switch, also has a 2nd switch that isn't wired that you could connect another accessory to), Hooker cat back exhaust system, cat delete Y pipe for the dump, RJC intake plate, RJC Boost Controller, LS1 MAF sensor, Gen 2 translator, Wideband O2, 3 1/2" Chrome Big Mouth intake, 3" Matching Chrome Up Pipe, HR Parts engine and transmission mounts, turbo shield has been clearanced for the down pipe and chromed, Razor's Alky injection kit. It's basically all bolt on stuff as far as performance goes. I've never raced it or had it to the track to see what it would run but I'm sure it's a solid 12 second car if the tune is dialed in.

I would say the exterior is a 7.5/10 but I'm probably selling it short for its age. I'm pretty picky. This car does have some dings and scratches here and there but it's pretty damn nice overall. There is no rust, no leaks, no wind noise. This is a hard top car so no sunroof or T tops to cause issues. The doors shut solid and don't sag at all.

The rear tires are Nitto drag radials with decent tread. Fronts are Goodyear's that may have 5k miles on them, basically new. I installed HID Headlights that use factory type glass housings for the HID bulbs(tastefully installed and completely factory look). It has new front shocks also.

The interior is just about as nice as it gets. I'd say 9.5/10. You can still see the grain in the shifter handle, the steering wheel shows very little wear. There are no rips, stains, burns, odors or fading of any kind. I replaced the headliner a few years back when the old one started to go. It also has some really nice Kirban's power 6 logo front floor mats. The interior would be perfect, except for two very small cracks in the speaker grills on the dash(normal) and the material on the right visor is starting to separate(Minor).

It does have an A/F ratio, fuel and boost gauges on a three pillar pod and a Scanmaster. All of the other controls for the amps, Gen 2 translator, aux input for the radio, and alky control are located in the glove box so the interior looks as clean and stock as possible.

I installed a nice Kenwood CD player, new Kicker 6x9's in the rear stock location and 3.5 in the dash. Also, two Rockford Fosgate 10's in a separate box with amp/capacitor in the trunk. It has the add on unit so you can have satellite radio service as well if you want. It's all tastefully done and none of it is a permanent install that couldn't be easily put back to stock. I used an adapter harness so no wires were cut, dash wasn't modified, etc. I didn't drill any holes to mount any of the speakers in the trunk. I have the original radio and factory speakers. The factory radio worked fine and is super nice.

I would say the car is fairly light on the factory options. As you can see on the window sticker it had power locks, windows, cruise control, and the power driver seat above the standard stuff. Best of all, no power antenna! It's also got an aftermarket alarm and keyless entry which makes it nice. I have two sets of keys and key fobs.


Hood insulator needs replaced. The up pipe clamp came off once and shredded it in the center.
Bumper fillers are starting to haze and will probably need replaced unless you can find a way to take them off for paint without them falling apart.
Rear main seal has a small leak like most of them do.
A/C will need charged. It's still on R12(ice cold) and I have a couple of cans I'll throw in if you have a mechanic that is certified to do it. It took about two years to leak down the last time we charged it. It blows ice cold when charged. It takes right at two cans to fill.

Overall this is a great car. Every time I take the cover off and back it out of the garage I am impressed with how clean it is for a car that's going on 30 years old now.

If a potential buyer wants to fly in to see it, I can make arrangements to pick you up, etc. and I can work with you on having it transported at your cost if you don't want to drive it. I live 30 minutes from the busiest airport in the U.S. so there are plenty of flights.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me at 281-896-7382. Or email at imca67@yahoo.com.

I have 87 additional photos of the car available also. Just folllow the link:

http://s675.photobucket.com/user/uswjsm70/library/Grand National


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Where in Houston are you. I may drive out and have a look if you don't mind. I am in Beaumont. Is the paint original?