Any Buick Owners in Mansfield, TX

Just got mine a few months ago - it was sitting out in a field for like 10+yrs, knew it would be a project but had no idea just how bad it really was... It needs EVERYTHING... LOL.

Just been doing little heres and theres... It's running good now (hot air), the body looks like crap (someone did a cheap paintjob on it), the interior is destroyed (sun damage, water damage, etc). Right now got the whole front-end off and going to remove the passenger header/crossover. Looks like someone drove it through a field at speed and put a huge dent in the crossover and one of the bolts is broken off the passenger header where the crossover bolts up so wanna inspect everything over there... Lower control arm is all jacked as well, so just adding to the list the more i disassemble.

It'll be a while for sure before i get to take it for any "long" drives... been up and down the street plenty of times, got the spongy pedal too... Haven't started investigating the brakes yet (HB as well). I see PS fluid all over the place by the pump/reservoir so may be the pump or something... One thing at a time...