Any downsides to upgraded LCAs????

Vader 87

Any problems with installing upgraded lower control arms on my GN?? The rear is all stock except for poly bushings in everything and i have dual airs bags....will i have any problems with my rear end or anything due to the extra traction??? Thanks for the help!!!!
I bolted my LCA's on (HP motorsport) last summer and they fit great and are greasable and my old ones were bent and completely trashed, but I don't know if I've noticed an improvement in 60fts, yet. It's probably more consistant and it seems to handle a lot better. They are a worthwhile mod in my opinion.
Steve is trying to be funny again........


its amazing how flimsy the stockers are. I dont think you can go wrong with any of the available LCA s out there. Ive looked at all of them . Ended up with some Metcos. Very nice and heavy:D
I have never heard of too much traction :D
Is that like too much money??? :)

By either boxing them or getting new ones, it can only improve things. If you already have poly bushings, the ride will not get any worse, and it should improve upon traction & handling. If you don't have poly in all the rear control arm ends, then it will help out much more.

Replacing the lowers are more beneficial than the uppers, but both are weak from the factory. We designed ours to eliminate any possible squeaking and/or binding that you can get with other poly bushings. Adjustable uppers are not really needed until in the 11's & faster. Our solid type (non-adj) will be a huge improvement over stock & save some bucks. Can't really go wrong upgrading the rear control arms, even on a bone stocker. It may not be a necessity or huge performance gain on a stocker, but it can't hurt :)
South side machine bars may do this. They change the instant center and can put big loads on the mounting points. While you are installing any LCA, ensure the mounting point welds are in good shape and are not cracked or rusted.

Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about breaking stuff.