Any electricians?


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Jul 11, 2002
Any electricians here?

I'm trying to hook my new air compressor up and need a little guidance. I bought this compressor:
FREE SHIPPING — Ingersoll Rand Electric Stationary Air Compressor — 3 HP, 10.3 CFM @ 135 PSI, 230 Volt, Model# SS3L3 | 10 - 30 CFM | Northern Tool + Equipment

Now the people living in the house before us had a compressor in the garage. The fuse box has a 220v 30amp fuse marked for the compressor. But the outlet at the wall appears to be a 20 amp outlet, it is the same shape as this: Receptacle, 20 A, 250 V - Straight Blade Devices - Plugs and Receptacles - Electrical : Grainger Industrial Supply

Basically I am needing a 24" secotion of wire (I was told 10 gauge?) and a plug to fit the outlet in the wall... provided the outlet is correct.
That looks like a great compressor! But did you notice the delivery time? 19-24 business days! Did you buy it locally or did you have it shipped?
That is a 20 amp outlet. You can just switch out the outlet in the box if the wire size is correct. A 30 amp outlet is either 3 or a 4 wire plug. You also want to have 10awg wire. If it is 12awg, your breaker is oversized and dangerous.

12awg = 20 amp
10awg = 30 amp

Hope that helps
Hey Glen,

You can get what you need at the ace hardware. They have the plugs, receptacles, wire and breaker if needed. They sell pre made whips and strain relief fittings as well.

Another option is to hard wire it direct. If the panel is close to the compressor and you have side access, you could whip it in the side of the panel with some sjo cord a couple strain relief fitting. Hard wire it right to the breaker. ;)

Call me if I can help.
Can you post a picture of what you have installed?
I know what your goal is with the other accesories using the same outlet. So let's see what you have, and if needed we can figure out what you should have.
When you say fuse box, are you talking the main panel in the house? Is it really a fuse or is it a circuit breaker? Or is it a sub panel in the garage with a disconnect that contains a fuse for each line?
If they are fuses, are they slow blow?
Pull the breaker panel cover off and verify the wire size. The compressor they used may have only had a 20a plug but they already had the oversized 30a breaker and 10awg wire. That's would be best case, just change the outlet. Worst case you need to change the wire and outlet.