Many performance parts for sale

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Jan 12, 2005
All prices listed are plus shipping.

$165.00 Set of 6 turbo tweak 80Lb injectors (269 new)
These were installed two years ago on engine I built. Customer recently had me pull them out went bigger when I installed the FAST XFI system. They have less than 1500 miles on them and worked flawlessly when I pulled them out last month.

$55.00 Turbo tweak Classic chip v5.7 (119 new)
This is the chip that drove the injectors I am selling.
Tuned for a 62/62 turbo 200R4 trans stock gear running e85 w 80 lb/hr injectors

$175.00 Scanmaster G for turbo Buick (259 new)
I removed this from the car I recently installed an XFI into. It works perfectly and easy way to get plenty of data out the stock ecm.

$25.00 3” inlet K&N air filter w provision hole for air temp sensor

$115 two two gauge a pillar pod with autometer 5343 digital tachometer and built in shift light mounted to a pillar plastic. No gauges in the holes

$30 Automoeter Ultra lite 4303 30 psi boost gauge

$370 each (I have two of these assemblies and the price is not for the pair ) Aeromotive fuel pump assemblies each one comes with at least 12” of -12 hose, -12 fitting on each end of the hose. 12307 pre filter, fittings to get filter onto pump, a100 fuel pump and a -10 outlet fitting. These fittings are expensive. I had both of these pumps mounted under my car and they work great! Second one came on at 9 psi triggered by the XFI.
more information on above parts.
Aeromotive 12307 100 micron filter (129.40) new
Aeromotive a100 fuel pump (411.99 new)

$250 set of 6 precision turbo 120 lb/hr injectors
These were cleaned and flowed by precision turbo after I pulled them from my car and have not installed after having them checked.

$225 Competition cams roller lifters. These roller lifters have less than 500 miles on them. They were in a stroker engine I built for a car. I later bought that car and replaced the camshaft with a much larger one and converted it to solid roller lifters.

$50 Trend performance push rods for hydraulic roller lifter and scorpion rockers
8.700 long .080 wall thickness

$50 Trend performance push rods for solid roller lifters & scorpion roller rockers on champion heads with a .040 head gasket
9.25 long .105 wall thickness

$200 Crane Cams shielded solid roller lifters part number 62518-12

$45 Wiper motor from 87 grand national

$20 200r4 pressure valve cable

pictures of above parts coming soon.

80 lb/hr turbo tweak injectors


Turbo tweak chip

scan master G


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This is the auotometer shift light / a pillar combo i am selling. The shift light is mounted to the a pillar gauge pod. The green light will also come with it. I was using this as an indicator light for the second fuel pump in my car. The a pillar plastic will not come with the gauges shown in the first picture, I am just using this picture so one can see what it looks like in the car. everything shown in the second photos comes to the buyer.


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This is the boost gauge i am selling. It will come with the light and the hose which is attached. It is missing the fittings which attach it to the engine. Those parts are on the shelf at autozone in their gauge isle, one one could plumb a different hose directly to the gauge.


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Here are the two Aeromotive fuel pump assemblies I am asking $370 each for.


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Precision turbo 120 LB/HR injectors


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Competition cams hydraulic roller lifters


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8.700 long trend push rods


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