Any good drag race games out there??


Not much of a Drag Race Game but, You can Run A GNX! That's worht the 29.95. heheheehe Its mostly road racing, oval, oh well it has all types of racing, only the drag race is not good at all.

i have the OLD burnout game for pc, i mean its old, its only ment to be ran on windows 95. on a new computer the sound doesn't work, not that your missing much. but its a really cool game, its like a dyno program on top of a racing game. you can change every last detail on the car, cam specs fuel, gears, converter, tires, suspension, delay boxes, throttle stops, you name it. its ALL there.

the actual racing part isn't bad, its a little tough to get a good dial in, your first pass is always slower than any of the other ones, but never by a predictable amount. other than that its a lot of fun.

you'd have to find it on ebay, if you can even find it there. and the burnout championship edition (or something like that) has a gnx also.

for playstation there is an ihra drag racing game thats VERY simular to burnout, just better graphics and eveything, but actual game play is about the same.

forza is cool, i spend 20 minutes in the road corse races to get enough money to get cool cars and what not, then spend a few hours at the drag strip tuning and everything else. its a cool game, same thing with grand turismo.

i'd still like to get the turbo buick game though.
I used to have burn out but lost it. That game was pretty sweet. The Ihra 2 for ps2 i had also. Was funny all my friends hated it, but i spent hours infront of it. I guess when you can put a custom grind cam in, thats when every body :confused: lol.

Ill have to look for that burn out game on ebay, I loved it!!

Any one else know of anything that is good, or hear about anything comming out?