Any harm using the waste gate solenoid wiring for (+) and (100psi output) ?


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Apr 14, 2012
My car has a manual boost controller and a Turbo Tweak chip, PowerLogger, etc. I'm looking at adding Caspers 100psi fluid sensor to log fuel pressure and it has 3 wires in its harness (power), (ground), (signal), pretty simple. The factory boost solenoid is long gone and the wiring harness just sits in the engine bay so I thought I'd put it to use by using the 12 volts from that part of the harness, using the ground wire to send the signal into the car and cut/redirect that voltage it into the power logger.

So three questions:

1) Will redirecting the ground control wire from the waste gate solenoid cause any problems? (again I don't use the factory unit, it's just unplugged laying around in the engine bay)
2) Any problems using this 12 volt source?
3) Other than adding a ground is there a good ground in the harness close to the boost solenoid?

Finally, when I swap the motor for the built one I plan on cleaning up some previous very poorly done wiring by the previous owners & at that time I will re-run and re-loom this sensor input so I don't think this is long term.

there should be no issues using the wiring.

the engine is the best ground for sensors.

This worked I'm not to sure about the settings/readings I'm getting on my powerlogger.
I may be interested in this setup. Where did you intercept the "ground" portion of the wiring once it was past the firewall?

Also, how did the Caspers transducer work for you (assuming that is the one you went with)? Was there anything else you needed?
Picked it up at the harness and ran it to the PL logging block, works great.
You need a fitting to get the Transducer to attach to the fuel rail