Any Idea What I Could Get for My '87 GN?


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I have an '87 GN T-Top car. Excellent paint, new T-top seals (no leaks), very good interior. Probably have $20k in the car with half of that in the motor. See my sig for details on the motor. The engine has developed sort of a knock and has been diagnosed by the engine builder as a piston. We blew a head gasket about 2 years ago, and he said it might have been caused by that. The car runs good with decent oil pressure (20lbs. hot idle). I just do not want to put any more money in the car. Anyone have any idea what it might be worth selling it as is?
You may email me at for more pictures. This was the only one I had sized.


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One more thing...we did replace the head gaskets with Cometics. Replaced all the valves in the GN1s. Pistons didn't look bad just by visual examination, but one might have been distorted, causing the knock or slap, according to the engine builder. Engine ran good after that. Developed this noise less than 100 miles ago. I had it inspected, licensed and emissions tested today. Passed fine. Car still drives fine. I don't plan on driving it. I did today so I could get it inspected.
need more pics and more info on the car. i would say 12,500-15,000 from what i read and can see from the pic