Any idea what this thing is?


Jul 27, 2008
Hey all,

I found this little gadget in the engine bay on the passenger side screwed onto the sheet metal. What do you think it is?

It has a few red and green LED's but it is not connected to anything. There is 2 x 3pin pigtail connectors coming out of it that is pictured there to the left of it. The wiring is about 2 feet long coiled up in some looming. Is it a factory piece? Aftermarket something? I have no idea what it is or could be for.

That's all I got. Any clue?

Interesting. Before my time dealing with these cars but good luck and I'm very interested as well as to what that is.
I have one in my basement. I was told it was a volt booster. Came with a parts car I bought

I just looked at mine and it has a lot more wires than that.