What's this worth?


Feb 3, 2014
Been a while since I've been here.
Sold my 87 several years back, found a bunch of parts.
Not sure what they're worth.
Harness, with great not cracked oval loom. I believe it was modified for Big Stuff and changed back. Don't remember. Thought I needed a harness, found a ground not connected behind the head, so I never used. All connectors modified are there, as well as I believe a few spares.
Other misc parts, wheel well trim, front dash panel, thresholds, large black painted part I have no idea what it goes to anymore.
Still searching for more parts, I know I have a set of low impedance injectors, and ecu that matches, and a reds chip to match the pair.
Anyway, what should I sell these parts for. Posting in lounge so off topic chat.
I will post in sale section once I get everything together.
Well, I can't upload pics. Too large for server. Will resize and come back later.

Thank you