Any info on BMS Stage I iron heads?

S1 heads are basically stock heads with no exhaust passages for EGR or crossover heat. No real advantages to S1 heads over stock 8445 heads done correctly IMO.

I would have to think that without the extra iron hogged out for EGR they would indeed be stiffer.

I think the references made in the article are made to the castings that were available at the time the S1 heads were out. The 8445 castings were not out then I believe.

Stage I heads

The stage I heads came out of BMS in later 1978 or 1979. As I remember. Smokie did port developement to improve upon the earlier low port heads. He also worked on other Stage I pieces such as the block. I ran an IMSA Radial Sedan back then with help from Olds. and Buick. There were some pre production parts.

Can any one tell me about the later heads that are supposed to be similar? Thanks Den