Any interest in doing a TurboBuick Fantasy Football league?

Nasty Wendy

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May 24, 2001
We did one back in 06' on the other board and it was a blast. Not just because I won but because I had big fun beating the snot out of everyone. LOL. Chime in if you interested and maybe we can have some fun this season. If there is enough interest it could be divided into multiple leagues example a Completely Free league, a $10 league, $25 league. Whatever the interest can support. I'm down for some fun and I can squeeze $10 out my penny jar if thats what you guys want. Chime in with suggestions/input if you are interested.
We did an eight team league back then and it was fun. Everyone had great players. We are half way to that now. I'm thinking a 10-12 team league would be fun.
What league do you use? FB/ESPN/yahoo?
I think they all probably have realtime update now.

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I'll go dig the old thread up and see what we used back then. I worked out really nice. I'm sure that there are many options that would work well. Once we get enough to form a league we'll decide on the details. Personally I like the format of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, K, Def, TE, flex position (which could be a RB or WR). We'll decide all of these particulars.
Count me in too. I may not be too good but it's not real life lol

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Sign me up. Whatever the fee doesn't matter ill play. I use yahoo for FF now that would be best for me but will go with whatever works for the group. If you decide on yahoo I can set the league up if you want.
Thats 9 by my count. Looks like we are on our way to smack talking and fun having. The season kicks off Sept 5th. We may have multiple leagues by then. That would be cool because it would give the opportunity to play for free or try to win some prize money or both.
Nobody else into fantasy football???? Cmon guys!

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Ill give it a try. Not a huge fb fan but ill.try anything once. Once it kicks off any sites for how to rules etc..
Uses whatever league the Commish picks. I've used the yahoo one and its pretty good others are too.

It'll be fun :D

Rules are simple they can be explained over then phone in 5 min.

Can't give away all my tips til after I'm serving up some smash mouth pie :p

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Thats 10. Thats a fun sized league right there. Everyone will have a good roster and there will be 'unsigned' good players available as well. Anybody object to capping the number of teams to 10 per league?
There's still time for people to join and usually a 12 team league is best. If we get more we could always divide it into two divisions.