RPS is offering 10% discounts to EVERY BUICK RACER THIS SEASON IN EVERY CLASS!!!


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Aug 14, 2004

In light of RPS now sponsoring the THS class at BG Nats and Grapple at Gateway races, RPS is going to offer something NO OTHER COMPANY does- we are giving ANY RACER COMPETING IN A RACE CLASS THIS YEAR 10% OFF *EVERY* PURCHASE MADE!!!

We started this company because we are guys just like you- "Real Racer Dudes" as I like to say, and we wanted to get people that are Backyard Builders and Garage Gurus great parts for great prices.

So what better way to show you that we truly are about the REAL Buick enthusiast, and not some company working out of their house, selling overpriced parts to people that don't know any better, don't need those expensive parts, and trying to squeeze as much profit out of these folks as they can?!

We want anyone that will be competing in ANY Buick race, in ANY class, to know that we are offering you 10% off on ALL your purchases throughout the year and race season. We will do everything we can to support you and your racecar/"street car" and get you the parts you need, for as great of a deal as possible. We know you live your lives a quarter-mile at a time, and we want to keep your car stacked with the parts it needs to win races and make sure you get Monica at the end of the race (Fast and Furious allusion anyone?).

We are constantly adding new parts to our website, so if you do not see anything listed, please call and ask us if we have access to it.

To help you out in knowing what we offer, here is a short list of some of the companies products we carry:
Megasquirt Pro Plug and Play ECU
Megasquirt Ultimate Plug and Play ECU
Molnar Technologies
SCAT Crankshafts/Connecting rods
RPS Crankshafts (same as Don Cruz's design)
SFI approved neutral balance flexplates
Weldon Racing Pumps
Kinsler Fuel Injection
Injector Dynamics
Gee M Racing Headers
TA Performance
JE Pistons
ROSS pistons
CP Pistons
WISECO pistons
Racetec/Autotec pistons
Diamond pistons
Carrillo connecting rods
ARP hardware
Clevite bearings
King Bearings
Total Seal piston rings
WORK Turbochargers
Garrett turbochargers
Borg Warner turbochargers
HR Parts N Stuff
UMI Suspension
Energy bushings
.........just to name a few..

Our website is www.boostedrps.com and my personal cell is 7073626030.

We look forward to helping you win races all year long!

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