Anybody ever have their Weld Prostars crack?


Little engine that could
May 25, 2001
Just noticed the other day, one of the spokes where it meets the rims towards the tire is starting to crack, a hairline. I had one back in 2005 do the same thing on the pass side, and that time it did it slowly until all spokes were cracked. I actually thought it was just the clearcoat until I saw it on all spokes, and then decided I shouldnt be driving it until I replace it.

Bad Alignment? Lug nuts too long? Doesnt seem like a common problem.
I had the exact same problem several years back with both the front (7") and rear (10") Pro Stars. I bought replacements and it hasn't come back. The originals were Crager before they sold to Weld.
I am right here :p I had new ones crack .. fronts .. 15x5s from what I remember.. spokes on the back broke on one. the other on the front where the spokes meet the rim . Weld did not want anything to do with it. WHY ??? because Buicks came with 15X7s .. so I asked them what GM car came with 5" rims. They didn't know of any . :rolleyes:
I figured it had to have happended before. No reason though?

It was a 15x6, but about a year ago I sold my extra 15x7s, I could use them now.
Common failure... in both the Cragar made "Bob-glidden signature series Drag-Stars" and the subsequent Pro-Star made by Weld.