Anybody going to the Fort Worth Good Guys Autocross?


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It is October 5-7, but our cars can only go on Sunday the 7th since they are too new. I will be hitting the Autocross again. I hit it in March and it was a blast. Most SCCA events you are lucky to get 5-6 runs in the day. At this event I made 16 runs and could have kept going. I was the only GN out there and got tons of respect and love from the crowd and announcer. It woukd be cool if we could get a few cars out there together!
Unfortunately 80 plus percent of our cars are purpose built straight line drag cars so not to many would even attempt auto cross when mine is back together I will be addressing all areas so I can multi task the car like you guys are having a blast I did auto cross last year at the airport in waco with a friend and his corvette dang it was addictive and I had a blast too :)
That would be awesome Brian! We will have to get out there and show some people GN's can do more than drag race!:cool:
Rafs-T-Type said:
LOL...I thought it was the same person talking to themselves at first from the avitars.

Pretty Dam funny I had t noticed but we are friends and those pics were taken same day at the deep six event at the Texas motorplex:)
Haha yeah good point Raf! I guess one GN doing a burnout looks like another GN doing a burnout...but always cool!