inconsistent surge. hard to pinpoint the problem.

whenever this surge happens the car never dies completely, I take my foot off the gas and it cuts in and out for mabye 2 -3 secs, check engine light flashes on and off like mad. and sometimes even resets the computer whenever it happens. my scanmaster readings will flip out and give me a bunch of different error codes and then go back to 00 once its done having an aneurysm lol what is happening?!?!?!
Sounds like the ECM is intermittently loosing power.
I would follow the orange wire at the battery that provides power to the ECM. I had one end up melted on the passenger header and it would randomly blow the fuse. Maybe you have a bad connection somewhere in the ECM power orange wire that starts at the battery cable.

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Definitely computer or electrical connection related. Possible bad chip connection. Pull the chip and pry up leads with a safety pin.

Unplug the ecm and look for white corrosion in the sockets.

Make sure battery cables are tight. Make sure the orange wire connector is getting a good connection.

Trace the positive battery cable down to the starter. Make sure it’s not touching the header and burned through insulation. It can short out on the header.