IAC is good suggestion. I had one die and had same issue you describe at idle. Had to drive with 2 feet and use my right foot as my iac until the new one arrived.

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A friend has a truck that was running like shit and when he took it to the dealership because it was under warranty and only a year old they found squirrels had chewed up several vacuum lines. They fixed it and 2 months later it happened again. I have no idea why they liked to eat them but he had to get rid of the squirrels and the warranty didn’t cover rodent damage.

Soy based plastic is the main reason. It is "environmentally" friendly but that makes it also "digestively" friendly to rodents.
Well, I had a spare ignition module, installed it, did the trick. Lol... cars running fine now for the most part, occasionally it’ll cutout or drop idle randomly, small little hiccups now.. thanks everyone for the help, greatly appreciated!! There’s certainly more work to be done, but the cars driveable at least