ANybody got the 1/18 GMP 87 GN Drag Car?

87 GN Drag Version

I have one. I wasnt planning on selling it. But anything is possible with a little temptation. :D
Which one is that? I have the one with Dragstars on it and a trailer to go with it. I accidentally ordered 2 of each a few years ago. I haven't even opened the box on the 'extra' race GN and trailer. I thought you could still get them new?

I have one left ( 1/18 scale Black Race GN) 1 of 2298 made.

I had to order a case of 12 a few years back just to get one for myself , but I had some of our GNRA club guys buy one for themselves.

It's still is packed safely away with some others, and I think it may be # 1017 or #1018.

Here's some old pics I had on file.

Like to have $ 100 , plus shipping to your location.

Wayne , Quick 6 Racing


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Thanks everyone, but I found one 3 days ago for about the same price. NO-NOS please fell free to snatch this beautiful piece up!
how much.

I'm not looking to make any money on them - they're just collecting dust. I would prefer to sell them as a pair. The drag GN was $80 and the trailer was $50. So that's $130 plus shipping. For shipping I only want what UPS will charge me.