anybody have a good source for T-4 turbos.



Hello fellow carb/turbo owners i have a 1980 301 Turbo TA that i am in the process of restoring, does any one know a good source for T-4 turbos for our setups, The T-3 i have now is to small for my likeing, i was getting sick of being laughed at on the pontaic boards for owning a 301. thanks for the help

1980 Turbo Trans Am Pace Car
Hello Pacecar,
Welcome to the board, I also have a '81 Turbo T/A SE and I am glad to hear from another owner. I know you can send your turbo to Majestic turbo in Texas and have it rebuilt, balanced, and ported. I got in contact with a 301T owner here in my town and that is where he had his re-done.

As far as being laughed at, dont even worry about it. These 301Ts are under estimated and can run in the 12.40s with some modification. Neil Smedleys turbo T/A runs those numbers and is a record holder in his class (Very impressive considering it is a carbed turbo).

If you are interested, you can e-mail me for some more info on restoration parts and used parts to restore your car. The T/A parts are expensive and cost more than the parts for my Grandnational so be prepared.
Audiowizard thanks for the reply, restoring this car is setting me back big time, i am going down the custom road when it comes to the engine such as Aluminum rods and pistons i am talking to the guys at KRE about a custom intake that would work with the #16 heads i have in the garage. Does Majestic turbo have a website i can check out. thanks again