Anybody have any pics of their home brew cold air setup?


May 27, 2001
I need one and I am on a budget, so need to make a nice one cheap. I know I should get Mark's big mouth but I am tight on funds right now. Thanks guys. :)
cold air

there are a few pics on my site for the resto on my 84 GN. They are on the last couple of pages along with our new intercooler setup. I have only seen one other person with the cold air setup like mine and I really dont know how well the system works because we are in the process of painting the car right now.

Hope those pics help you get some ideas to get you started.

Jerry Berger
OK, here is a cheap way to get cold air cheap and it looks stock and that is because it is.
You need-
1.Another stock MAF to throttle body air inlet tube.
2.A 6 " piece of 3"copper pipe.
3.A K&N type filter

Run it straight thru next to the radiator and turn it down behind the bumper(or).I ran mine behind the grill and it works real good there.I have driven it in the rain quite a few times with no problems.It will make a very noticable power gain,especially on those cool nights.You should be able to get a factory pipe cheap from one of the(lucky) guys that have converted.

This is the only pic of that area I have now but you can see the MAF end.You may want to fab a bracket to support it better than I did.
Did'nt work the first time, here goes again...


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Thanks for the replies guys....

I found a 4inch K&N here locally and decided to go ahead and buy Mark's big mouth kit, saved about $30 on the filter! :D