Anybody have installed pictures of TA headers from the bottom?


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Aug 7, 2007
Hey guys, Im looking too see if anybody has any installed pictures of the TA headers, Im curious of the crossover pipe placement, My car has a large aftermarket oil pan and im wondering if I can expect fitment problems with them now??? The car has hooker headers now and the pipe is literally .030 away from the oil pan?!?! Heres a picture, If anybody has installed pictures from the bottom so I can see where the crossover pipe fits that would be great!!!


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I have hookers on mine...... are you needing pics of the under side?... I'll take a few pics if you want..let me know
I think you're going to have to remove that pan. You can barely slip a piece of paper between my TA crossover and the stock oil pan - the clearance is that tight.