Anybody have the wideband option with OLD DFI, version 6.0 or 6.32



Does anyone on this site have the OLD version 6.0 or 6.32 with the WIDE BAND O2 option?

i want to ask a few questions

Not sure what you mean by old version 6.0 or 6.32 but I have both programs, running the 6.32 presently. Didn't think they had the wideband option for these programs, I checked on it a few years back and ACCEL said it couldn't be done.

i found out the info on the wideband option for the old gen 6 boxes.

IT WAS AN OPTION. look at the serial codes

as posted by Tony Dequick of Charged Air Systems:

"The DFI Gen6 box can work with wideband but the way it was designed to work, it's mainly for race-only, unless you want to idle at 11.5:1 A/F or at your WOT A/F ratio. The WB modification in CalMap allows you to set a RPM window when the WB is active, and set a *single* A/F ratio. With the standard Gen6 boxes and Calmap, the 02 only works to 2000 RPM and the A/F ratio is fixed in closed loop at ~14.7:1. You cannot map the A/F ratio by MAP/RPM or alpha-N like can be done with the FAST (formally SpeedPro) or DFI Gen7 systems."