Anybody hear from Lonnie Diers lately?

I just spoke with Lonnie and relayed your message, he has moved into a new building and he will not have internet and/or phone service until Monday.
I sent you a PM. <O:p
Lonnie Diers is a rip off

Where is Lonnie located. We sent a transmittion up to him for him to fix and he wont reply or even fix it. He signed for the trans on the 10th and was supposed to repair his mistake and send it right back. Where is he and I will drive up there from Fl to get this problem taken care of. If he cant stand up for his work I will make sure everyone knows about it. If he has a problem with being a man of his word let him call me direct at 561-324-4393 and ask for Don. My buddy Ross Clark paid him plenty of money to build this trans that did not stay together and now Lonnie keep ducking all our calls. It has been 7 weeks to get to this point and the car isn't moving yet and I just cant say enough of how bad this Lonnie guy is acting.