Anybody priced a GTO yet?


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May 25, 2001
I am curious as to whether the dealers are discounting, selling at MSRP, or gouging. I assume that they are not in showrooms yet, but most dealers got allocated 2 units and the first boatload should be here soon, the last that I heard.

Not to be rude, but I am NOT looking for speculation or opinions. Rumours may be considered.:)

a guy just bought one here at work, it cost him 35k

of course hes gettign the run around on when its actually getting here.
Thanks, I didn't think about Ebay. I wonder if they will yank that if the price doesn't get above dealer invoice?

My dealer has his 2 ordered, only one was sold the last I checked, and they want sticker price with a non-refundable $1000 deposit. The rags all act like the dealers will be gouging, but they aren't the ones buying.

I'm wondering if that starting price is the dealer invoice? Surely they wouldn't put it up under invoice? Confident.
non-refundable deposit

That's illegal in many states......that thing must be something rrrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy special:rolleyes: Drew
I'm seriously considering buying one, and have been crawling all over the several GTO and LS1 boards, so I can tell you where things stand.

There seem to be a number of dealers willing to sell for MSRP. There are the usual few gougers who are trying to get more, and have done so in some instances, but as time goes on that should abate.

The fact is, GM plans to produce 18,000 GTOs for 2004, although some have speculated they won't be able to do it given the fact that they are just getting into the dealers' hands now. The expectation is that just like the 2003 Cobras, of which there are (only) 10,000, prices will fall. I understand Cobras can be had for less than $30K now.

There is very little mark-up on the cars, and I don't think GM is making a killing appreciating the gyrations they're going through to bring these cars in and that the Monaro equivalents sell for big $$$ in Australia, so I wouldn't expect to pay under MSRP for the near future.

What isn't clear to me are whether GM employee programs, GM card programs, etc. apply - I just haven't done my homework in this regard.

They are j-u-s-t starting to hit the dealers. One is rumored to be at a dealer in El Paso. One guy I'm aware of from other board claims to be getting his delivered today.

I won't do anything until spring. By then there may be some 2004+ models, or good information on the 2005s. Rumors include hood scoops, rear spoiler delete, 18" wheels, etc. The best rumors surround more power from the LS1, an LS6 option, or the 6L LS2, any of these making 400 - 500 HP. Oh, and the 2nd coming of the Judge. Oh, and a road racing variant. Oh, and a white car - r u listening GM?

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That auction ended with no bids. Too soon I guess, or too close to Christmas. I can't believe people are bidding on the *right to buy one*. Not even the car!
$33,800 for a MN6, $33,200 plus $1,000 gas guzzler tax for a A4.

If you can't wait I know where there will be a Black on Black MN6 for sale in about a month for $36,000 firm..... ;)
Thanks. Looks like there will be a lot of black ones. Nothing wrong with that! The two closest dealers have them available, one auto, one 6sp.

I'm coming up with MSRPs of $33,495 for the auto and $33,190 for the 6sp. Pretty sure that the auto price is correct, but not sure if the 6sp really is cheaper because of no gas guzzler.

I don't care about the Judge or other improvements. My understanding is that all of the current 5.7L LS1s have an LS6 block, and I'd want to lower compression and add some dense air after a year or so break in and kits become available.

I don't want to pay too much of a premium to get one sooner than later, but I'd go $1000, maybe $1500, over invoice. I wonder how much of my GMAC Card money they'll let me use.

Thanks again,
yeah my buddy bought a black 6 spd one, claims hes driving it in the winter too (dummy), but hes bringing it to work as soon as the dealers get theyre heads out of theyre asses and tell him when to come get it.
Dealer invoice would be in the 28-29k range. Won't see too many people paying a mark up. The car just hasn't guaged that much interest.
In Case anyone was wondering, I work for an enclosed auto transporter here in MI and we do alot of business with GM. I have had the opportunity to take GNX 001 to many shows. I currently have a pair of GTO's loaded on my trailer that I have to take to NY city monday for a media event and I have to say I am impressed with the car. The interior dash background and seats are body colored and a yellow dash and seats are pretty wild. Now I have driven them but unfortunately donuts by the auto transport drivers at Milford Proving Grounds is generally frowned upon, but I will say this.... the first two gears are phenomenal!!!. It will put you in the seat in a hurry. Not a GN, but acceptable in a pinch! See Ya. PS no sticker on car so I do not know MSRP
I have heard these cars will run high 13 to low 14 seconds off the showroom floor, but with all the LS1 mods available I think you'll start seeing some 12 second cars very soon. I've also read that the Aussie cars can be had with a 427 cu. in. LS6 pushing in excess of 500 horse. If we get that motor here it would be something you could go Cobra hunting with.
They are running in the 13.6 range. Its the base Corvette motor and add 4 to 500lbs. Seems to be right on if you figure the 100lb to 1-1/10th rule.