Anybody work for Microsoft


You've gotta try this!
I have just recently installed WinXP Home Ed. on my computer. So far, I'm fairly pleased with how it has run. However, I have the slight problem that it's in German. I've tried several things, but I'm thinking I have to bite the bullet and call Microsoft. I'm really dreading doing this, despite the fact that my phone bill is going to be going through the roof while they put me on hold.

So, I wanted to know.. was there anyone here that worked for Microsoft that could give me an idea as to what they're going to tell me to do?? Are they going to tell me a WHOLE new version of WinXP in English. Is there a disk that they can send me that will not cost as much?? Is there a download on their website.

I can't remember any board members saying they worked for MS, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Thanks in advanced.
You may be screwed, most versions of windows that have high encrytpion are not allowed out of the US. I bet what you got is different in other ways than just the laungage deal. You may not be able to get over there what we get here. Better get a "German for Dummies" book:D j/k
Thanks for pointing me in the direction of MUI. Now, it seems the problem is that Microsoft is saying (from what I've read) that I must have the English version first. I haven't found anything talking about having the non-English version first. Gotta love Microsoft. :(
I read that too.......was thinking you might need to look on the german version of microsofts site (if there is such a thing) to find this file. Dunno, I can't read german :p Just a thought:confused:

Thanks for the help. I can read some German, but obviously, things that are more complicated like this is slightly above my league.

Well, I bit the bullet and called Microsoft here in Germany. They told me very simply, we're sorry, but you have to buy it again. :( So now I have to figure out what I'm going to do. Live with it, or fork over the cash, AGAIN! :mad:
I don't know if this will help but what if you went to the control panel and went to regional and langauge options. Does it let you change the language to english? I don't know if you tried this or if you are able to but just something you may want to check