Anyone disassembled their ScanMaster and......


Trying to find out if anyone has experimented with their ScanMaster by disassembling it and seeing if the display signals can be turned on and monitored all at once instead of monitoring the different readings one at a time. I am in the planning phase of making a dashboard monitor system that will show all the readings all at once instead of toggling. LMK if anyone has any ideas. Thanks, STEVE Z
BTW, this is an experiment that I am doing for myself since I would like to have all the readings from the Scanmaster display all at once (multiple display screens of course) instead of toggling. I should have some pics of the custom dash top that I am using for this experiment, once I finish fabricating it.
Sounds interesting, but I've never heard of it, nor seen it. Most guys that want all the info on one screen just use Direct Scan. It would be nice to have bright easy to read LED's than the tiny print on a bulky laptop computer screen...

Will be interested to see what you come up with